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Enigin PLC is a business that has firm and established roots in the energy saving industry. read more

Almost thirty years ago Ian Wrigley FRSA, one of Enigin PLC's founding directors, started in a very primitive sector. Back in the early eighties very few people understood or fully appreciated the importance of energy conservation - and nobody had even considered lowering their carbon footprint!

However Ian was very different, he realized back then the importance of energy saving and saw this as an extremely viable opportunity to help to educate business owners in both the commercial and industrial sectors to make a corporate commitment to Energy Conservation.

Over the last 30 years the experience of the team behind Enigin has developed immensely. Along with our network of global partners and distributors we have given business owners and organizations around the world the opportunity to make significant reductions in their energy consumption, aided by some truly innovative products. As a result, Enigin are providing the benchmark for standards of quality and service and are now widely acknowledged as the specialist in this field.

With representation now in over 50 countries Enigin are helping people in practical ways to; control -- reduce and in some cases even eliminate those big energy bills!

Energy saving is no longer an option - it's a must!

Taking this into consideration, Enigin PLC and their authorized Distributors are acutely aware that business owners need to continually look for ways of keeping their competitive edge and seizing opportunity to significantly reduce their costs. Enigin helps business and organizations do this with a number of unique - leading edge products and solutions.

We know that due to the global pressure from the financial markets and increased awareness of energy saving, many organizations and business managers now seek the opportunity to place orders with credible, ethical suppliers who, in conjunction with Enigin PLC, can prove the efficacy of their products, with the advent of Eniscope, Real-time and Analytics.

Through the use of the Eniscope, our advanced Real-time Energy Management System and our cutting edge energy saving technology, we can give you the opportunity to save money on your lighting, air conditioning, electric motors and refrigeration. For a company committed to harnessing Renewable Energy sources, Eniscope will provide the means to measure and display the results meaningfully.

We are proud to be able to say that our solutions and expertise are helping organisations across the globe to reduce overheads and become more competitive and ethical in their marketplace, the result?

A smaller Carbon Footprint, better public perception... and lower energy costs.

Enigin PLC... Helping others to Profit With Integrity.

Enigin PLC: For information on the very latest energy saving products and solutions contact your nearest Enigin Distributor directly, or please request information in the Contact Enigin PLC section. For further details on the availability of any of the Enigin energy saving products and solutions through UK based Enigin Direct please go to All Enigin partners and distributors are approved by the Energy Saving Association. For advice on starting your own energy saving business with Enigin please refer to Also see Enigin Scam Busters.